1993.07.22 Köln, Sporthalle (Germany) (OPC1)

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1993.07.22 Köln, Sporthalle (Germany) (OPC1)

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Depeche Mode - Sold At A Sacrifice (Liberated Bootleg) Date: 22.07.1993 Venue: Kˆln/Sporthalle Lineage: Original Silvers->EAC->SHN Quality: Very Good CD1 Higher Love Policy Of Truth World In My Eyes Walking In My Shoes Behind The Wheel Halo Stripped Condemnation A Question Of Lust Get Right With Me I Feel You Never Let me Down Again Rush CD2 In Your Room Personal Jesus Enjoy The Silence Something To Do (Br¸ssel 25.05.1993) Everything Counts (London 03.11.1984) See You (London 03.11.1984) Leave In Silence (London 25.10.1982) Shouldn't Have Done That (London 25.10.1982) The Meaning Of Love (London 25.10.1982) Just Can't Get Enough (London 25.10.1982) Photograph Of You (London 25.10.1982) The Sun And The Rainfall (London 25.10.1982) Pipeline (London 12.01.1988) It Doesn`t Matter Two (London 12.01.1988) Death`s Door (Mailand 04.06.1993) Enjoy it! MOM
https://mega.co.nz/#!o8ZhhKQS!In7f1XNru ... fSzAX5Rij0

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Depeche Mode - Sold At A Sacrifice (Liberated Bootleg)

Date: 22.07.1993
Venue: Köln/Sporthalle
Lineage: Original Silvers->EAC->SHN>FLAC 8


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